SCE&G Says Environmentalist Groups Have No Case In VC Summer Fallout

Columbia, SC (WOLO)– Wednesday held another hearing on SCE&G’s rates at the Public Service Commission, but this time Friends of the Earth and the Sierra Club were going head to head with SCE&G.  Robert Guild was representing the two environmentalist groups and was ready to win his case, but the Public Service Commission did not make a decision. Guild says SCE&G has not taken any responsibility and refuses to apologize for the mistakes they have made. He says now SCE&G has to pay for their blunders.


“If you make a good bet you win; if you make a bad bet you lose. Why is when SCE&G makes a terrible bet, that we’re paying for, they don’t lose anything? So, our real point is this commission shouldn’t shed too many tears for SCE&G,” Robert Guild said. 


SCE&G’s argument against Friends of the Earth and the Sierra Club is that they actually do not meet the qualifications to have a hearing at all and this should not even be up for discussion.


“It is black letter law that if someone brings a case before you that is legally deficient on its face that cannot succeed, the only option is to dismiss it,” Belton Zeigler said, with SCE&G. 


By the end of the hearing, things got a little heated when new documents were brought into the case, and the question of going to the Supreme Court came up.


“I don’t think there’s any surprise…” Zeigler said before getting cut off by Guild. 


“Mr. Chairman, I would consent to that one page I referred to in quoting a lapse in affidavit…. I have no problem with her conclusion page coming in, but I do object to the rest of the material,” Guild said. 


“I don’t think an attorney is able to pick and choose what parts of a document or record are put into evidence. The reason we want the entire body in there is precisely so, that there is a full and complete picture of what those affidavits say if this goes up to the Supreme Court,” Zeigler said in response. 


The Public Service Commission did not make a decision today on whether or not rates will go down.  Now,  they have to rule on whether or not they will allow those affidavits in.

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