The Latest You Can Send Holiday Packages And Have Them Arrive Before Christmas



Columbia, SC (WOLO)–  Christmas is right around the corner and people are scrambling to get their last minute packages and cards in the mail. Post-Master Walter Rowland said the U.S. Postal Service has seen a 12% increase this year.


“It’s been crazy busy,” Rowland said.  Monday was one of their busiest days he said.  USPS delivered more than 800-thousand cards and nearly 38-thousand packages.  


“Tomorrow is projected to be a little more busy, with more packages so we’ll see how that pans out for us,” Rowland said. 


As expected, the US Post Office is slammed with last minute presents, procrastinators are hoping will arive before Christmas.  People like Lois Harvel, who has faith the Postal service will pull through.  


“I hope so… I hope so. They usually do,” Harvel joked. She said her husband tells her every year to send the presents to her granddaughter in Florida earlier.  According to Harvel, the experience was not bad.


“It was fantastic. I mean I left work, I thought I was going to be in line forever but it was great,” Harvel said.  


If you are in the same sleigh as Harvel, don’t panic. As long as you get your packages in the mail by Wednesday, your Christmas surprise should arrive on time.


“Tomorrow is the cut off for priority mail, so if you can get it in here by tomorrow, you should be ok for this weekend,” Rowland said. 


That includes your favorite boxes with the smile on the side.


“Amazon represents about 55% of our total package volume, so the additional revenue has really helped us keep it going… the postal service,” Rowland said. 


The postal service urges people to check and make sure there are no grinches in the neighborhood.


“We’ve contacted the police a couple of times with regards to packages being stolen off of porches and things like that,” Rowland said. 


Remember, reindeer can only run so fast– so get your packages in the mail by Wednesday. Then drink a cup of eggnog and rest easy, knowing your holiday happiness will arrive just in the knick of time.


“It’s very speedy. Post office works every time,” Charlotte Dixon said. 


“A busy holiday season and it’s not over yet!” Rowland joked. 



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