Public Service Commission Denied SCE&G’s Motion to Dismiss, Evidentiary Hearing Coming Next


Columbia, SC (WOLO)–  A big announcement coming from the Public Service Commission regarding SCE&G ratepayers.  Some of the ratepayers said they were in shock when the Public Service Commission denied SCE&G’s motion to dismiss the case the Office of Regulatory Staff brought forward. The denial paves the way for a full-blown trial giving ratepayers a chance at refunds.  


“Forgive me if I feel a little giddy, but I’m happy that we’ve gotten to this point because we’ve hit a brick wall with this Base Load Review Act. We have so many members on fixed incomes and they couldn’t afford this. So we’re thrilled,” Teresa Arnold said, State Director with AARP. 

Ratepayers like Doris Fletcher were also excited. 


“And it’s not good that they can go and get all these millions of dollars, and know that people are sick out here. Can’t even buy their medicines. Can’t even pay their electric bills. Can’t even buy groceries and there are many of them out here like that. And it’s just not right to the people here in South Carolina,” Fletcher said. Fletcher attended almost every single Public Service Commission Hearing even though she’s unwell. She has taken it upon herself to be there to represent all of the ratepayers who have had to pay for the failed project.


Attorney Bob Guild said this is a big victory for the ratepayers and it is just the beginning of a long process.


“This represents the first time the commission has ruled against the company and anything having to do with this project. And that’s a turning point. It’s an opportunity for us to try to get some justice for ratepayers,” Guild said. 


Commissioner Elam said it is only proper to deny SCE&G’s the motion to dismiss, saying the Office of Regulatory Staff has met the threshold test. Attorney Bob Guild says he looks forward to learning exactly what SCE&G knew, and when they knew it.


“We are encouraged that the hearing is going to happen because that’s a chance to have a very thorough examination of all the facts and make sure everyone is having say and there’s an informed decision….Looking forward to working with ORS and their examination of our books. We are always transparent with them and so we will assist them in that process,” Ginny Jones said, a spokesperson for SCE&G. 


A court date has not been set, but Guild says there is a light at the end of the tunnel and he is ready to continue fighting the fight.

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