Fairfield District Honors Chorus to Perform at Carnegie Hall in March

Donate For Their Trip by March 1st

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO)- Nearly 700 miles away from home, a group of students from Winnsboro are getting ready to make an impression on one of the world’s most renowned stages.

Students from the Fairfield District Honors Chorus said they have performed at big venues but their next will be the biggest one yet. The group is set to perform at Carnegie Hall the week of March 18th.

“I am thrilled, I am ready, I am pumped, I am ready!” senior Johsulyn Scringfellow told ABC Columbia.

“It’s been amazing. We went to Disney World, cruises, Myrtle Beach and now Carnegie Hall. It’s been amazing and we are excited,” said junior Curtis Martin.

Twenty eight members of the chorus made up of middle and high school students will travel to an international invitational at Carnegie where their director Alicia Graham expects them to blow the judges away.

“When my students open their mouth, they take me away and that’s one thing I want the audience at Carnegie to remember when they hear Fairfield. ‘Wow, Fairfield, that was Fairfield up on that stage. That’s how talented my students are, when they open their mouths, you will not forget Fairfield was in the building,” Graham said.
The chorus has raised money in hopes of covering the cost of the trip. Their deadline is coming up on March 1st and they can still use your help. Fairfield County School District Superintendent J.R. Green says even if the group does not meet their funding goal, the district will help make sure they get to New York.
If you would like to donate to the chorus, contact Alicia Graham at 8-3-635-4270 or aliciagraham@fcsdchromebooks.us
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