17-Year-Old South Carolina Native Goes To Celebrity Round On American Idol



COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)–  A South Carolina native is taking her chance at being the next American Idol. Liv Annalise is from Summerville and auditioned for the hit show in Charleston, and made it to the celebrity round in Savannah, Georgia. Annalise is only 17-years-old and was so excited to have the opportunity to audition for a show that could change her life.


“I was very nervous. That feeling you’re going to throw up nervous. But it was also a nervous excitement as well. It was, it was crazy, still now to think about it, that I saw these three music icons right in front of me. They almost looked like holograms it was that surreal,” Annalise said. 


Annalise said she grew up in a musical family and when her grandma heard American Idol was making a stop in Charleston she said Annaliese had to go. So she asked what her parents thought about taking a trip to allow her to follow her dreams.


“They were like, why not, what do you have to lose?” Annalise said. 


Annalise said her style is “Indy Pop” and she takes notes from artists like Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift. Annalise said of the American Idol judges, her favorite is Lionel Ritchie.


“Lionel Richie has a special place in my heart,” Annalise said. She hopes she impressed all the judges while singing Zombie by The Cranberries for the big audition.


“I felt confident in my performance. My parents always say, no matter what the outcome is; just have fun and don’t take this too seriously,” Annalise said.


Annalise admits it has been tough trying to keep the audition results a secret, especially from all her friends and social media followers.


“We’ll all just have to watch to find out,” Annalise said.

The season premiere of American Idol is on Sunday at 8, on ABC Columbia. 

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