Video of brawl that Deputies say led to fatal shooting of teen, more than 20 arrested

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO)– Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott gave more details into the death of a 17-Year-old who died at a church parking lot. On May 10, Amon Rice and 21 other individuals agreed to meet at to the 200 block of Greenlakes Drive with the intent to settle a feud, say deputies.

Those arrested in connection to Rice’s murder include mothers, daughters, relatives, acquaintances, and even a girlfriend according to the report. Lott said more than 7 guns were fired and 58 bullets were shot. Lott says he wants everyone who was there to be held accountable to make sure Rice’s death is not just another statistic. Lott said the parents who were there are also being charged, some of the parents even brought firearms and fired shots.

Investigators determined that three separate fist fights earlier led to the fatal shooting on May 10. The report says “Several people on both sides– including victim Amon Rice– carried firearms to the fight.When the fight erupted into gunfire, Rice was left dead and a second juvenile was injured.” That juvenile was charged with murder too, Lott said.

Here is video provided by RCSD of the brawl, they say, led up to the fatal shooting:

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