Tri-County customers meet candidates vying for open board seats

HOPKINS,SC (WOLO)-After allegations of pocketing money ousted an entire board of directors, voters have their chance again to put new people in place.

“What this has done is awaken the membership of Tri-County and really has caused them to pay closer attention to what the board is doing and how they are representing them,” State Rep. Wendy Brawley said.

Brawley hosted Tuesday night’s meet and greet with potential new board members. She also requested a federal investigation into possible illegal activities by the previous board.

“This really woke us up about being more involved in the community and we’re just thrilled that we have so many great candidates running,” Violet Hane, Tri-County resident said.

There are 48 candidates vying for 9 open board seats for Tri-County electric cooperative. The previous board was voted out by more than 1,500 customers this summer after accusations that they pocketed money.

“It gave them a first chance opportunity to face to face meet all 48 candidates, hear their desire to be on the Tri-County board, and how they intend to serve the community,” Brawley said.

Many of them promising to get Tri-County back on track. Residents say this time around they’re looking for a board they can trust.

“I expect them to be open with us, the Tri-County paying members,” Bill Moore, Tri-County resident said.

“I want a group of people that are going to work hard to make Tri-County better,” Hane said. “I’m not necessarily looking for reduced rates, I hope they do go down because we are some of the highest. I don’t want to see our board making $75K a year I’d like to see them get in the medium range of where the other Cooperatives are. And just bring some integrity back to the organization.”

Tri-County Electric Cooperative members will vote to fill the 9 board seats in a special election Saturday, November 17th at
the Tri-County headquarters in St. Matthews.

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