Sen. Bernie Sanders visits HBCU Benedict College

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO)– Senator Bernie Sanders visited Benedict College and answered questions from many college students.

During his visit, Sanders spoke about many hot button topics, from ending the government shut down, to college affordability.

The crowd asked questions regarding what to do about the government shutdown and how to ensure affordable healthcare.

The Republican National Committee released a statement saying“Bernie Sanders’ agenda of socialized healthcare, socialized college education and higher taxes is in complete contrast to President Trump’s pro-growth agenda that has been working for South Carolina families.  While Sanders continues to live in his fantasy-land of economics,  President Trump’s America First agenda  will continue delivering results for voters of the Palmetto State.”

Sanders disagreed saying these are not radical ideas and that the young voters should fight for what they believe in.

“When you stand together, you are enormously powerful. You are the future of this country. And if you’re not involved, if you’re not thinking politically, I have real worries about our own future,” Sanders said. 

Students said the fact he was willing to come to their historically black college stood out to them, and they wish more politicians would follow suit.

Sanders has not put his hat in for a 2020 presidential bid yet.

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