Unusual spike of pedestrian deaths in the Midlands

COLUMBIA,SC (WOLO)- Pedestrian deaths are on the rise in the Midlands. Troopers say the amount of fatalities they’ve seen have nearly doubled compared to this time last year.

“We look at some of these fatalities and a handful of them are pedestrians on the roadway,” Lance Corporal David Jones, with the South Carolina Highway Patrol said.

It ‘s a growing concern here in the midlands nearly a month into a new year and trooper Jones says, they’ve have seen an unusual amount of pedestrian fatalities.

“Typically in January, you don’t see a lot of pedestrian fatalities cause it’s not a lot of people walking,” Jones said. “It’s cold outside it isn’t convenient to walk down the road.”

The disturbing statistic coming after a SLED agent fatally struck 57-year-old man on Millwood Avenue Tuesday. Just last week a hit and run on Monticello Road and troopers are still looking for the car involved.

“Often times they’re easily solved but we rely heavily on the community, but we want the drivers to do the right thing,” Jones said.

To prevent pedestrian deaths from accelerating  any higher Jones says drivers need to be mindful of pedestrians, and both parties should be vigilant.

“We preach our message,” Jones said. “If you’re going to walk, if you’re going to be out, make sure you wear something retro reflective, make sure you’re seen. Know that when it’s dark outside and you’re not visible you’re not really able to be seen until a vehicle is right up on you.”

With the super bowl happening this weekend troopers are partnering with local law enforcement to crack down on inattentive drivers that may lead to another fatality.

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