911 call released from neighbor of two Allen Benedict Court residents who died

COLUMBIA,SC (WOLO)- A clear insight into the problems people faced inside Allen Benedict Court apartments from a 911 call that came in hours before two men were found dead from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Nearly a month later and people who were forced to evacuate still don’t have a home.

“More should be done after the vouchers to get everybody placed,” LaChanna Potts, Allen Benedict resident said. “It’s one thing to say here is your voucher but it is another thing to walk me through it. Let me know you’re still behind me and not leaving me to the wolves kind of.”

Potts has been living hotel to hotel with her on-year-old daughter since the gas leaks were found.

“Nobody should have to live like that,” Potts said.

She says Columbia housing authority has been hard to reach since giving out vouchers.  And finding a replacement home has been even harder.

“The thing that we’re running into is how are we going to get the funds for that,” Potts said. “A lot of us from Allen Benedict court were unemployed. We had set rent so we were comfortable with that. It wasn’t our fault that we had to get uprooted and its really unfair that we get treated certain ways because this is our situation now.”

She’s not alone, the man from the 911 call is suing the housing authority.

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