SC Senator tackling bill that would give tax breaks to Carolina Panthers

COLUMBIA,SC (WOLO)- A state senator is making sure the government doesn’t fumble taxpayer money.

Senator Dick Harpootlian has thrown the red challenge flag as the state looks to score by bringing the Panthers training facility to South Carolina.

“We have not gotten adequate information from the governor to make that decision,” Harpootlian said.

In a letter to Governor Henry McMaster, Harpootlian says the economic impact that McMaster quoted was exaggerated. He also said the facilities would bring in 205 jobs, much less than the 5,700 that was projected.

“That’s a big swing,” Harpootlian said. “That would be a factor I’d want to know in exercising my vote on whether or not to go forward with a deal.”

McMaster responding saying, any economic impact is a good one.

“Whether it’s $4 billion, $2 billion, or $10 billion, it’s still a lot of positive economic impact,” McMaster said.

The Governor said the bill would help athletes the same way it helps other businesses in the state.

“Changing the law to provide a tax incentive concerning athletes that already exists concerning all other employees that come in,” McMaster said. “And also building an exchange on the interstate that needs to be built.”

But with the state marching towards the goal line, Harpootlian wants the play to be reviewed to make sure the right call will be made.

“A decade ago voted they voted on the base load review act with projections and numbers that turned out to be totally wrong,” Harpootlian said. “So I want to drill down on this before we start spending a couple hundred million dollars of taxpayers money to support a billionaires football teams practice football.”

Harpootlian says he will continue to block the bill until lawmakers have accurate cost and benefit information.

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