Series of fires in Lexington County cause officials to issue safety warnings

LEXINGTON COUNTY, SC (WOLO)- Fire officials are urging residents to be safe after five fires break out in a Lexington community.

The fires happened in the span of five days. Three of the fires broke out in the Oak Grove community. Two happen within hours of each other, according to fire officials say the homes are a total loss.

The series of fires left many in the community feeling suspicious about how the recurring house fires keep happening so close to home and too close for comfort.

However fire officials say it’s merely coincidental that the blazes are happening in such close proximity, but do not believe they are being intentionally set.

“At this time we’re still preliminary noting that they’re not suspicious but we have not come to a final determination of the cause and origin at this time,” Fire Chief Mark Davis said.

Another concern is the blazing heat that’s making it easier for flames to engulf homes and harder for fire fighters to put out.

“When we got there the homes were pretty much past the point of being able to make any recognizable save to the structure,” Davis said.

One of the most recent blazes sent a fire service member to the hospital.

Officials now stress the importance of fire safety.

“Be safe when using outdoor cooking appliances, monitor any electrical appliances that they have inside their homes, do not leave them unattended, make sure you check your smoke detectors and have an exit drill plan for your home,” Davis said.

Fire officials say the 5 fires caused more than $670,000 in damages, and that no one was injured.

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