EXCLUSIVE: Sen. Bernie Sanders address Medicare for all and his plan to wipeout student loan debt

COLUMBIA,SC (WOLO)- During Senator Bernie Sanders campaign visit through the Midlands, he told ABC Columbia his plan for South Carolina voters.

His trips to Columbia have been frequent since announcing his run for president. The presidential candidate is hoping for a different outcome than in 2016 when he finished a distant second in the states Democratic presidential primary.

This time a change of strategy.

“We have a lot of volunteers, we are going to community after community, we’re having very large turn outs,” Sanders said.

In a one on one interview with Sanders he expressed his main goal for south Carolinian’s.

“Congressman Jim Clyburn and I have worked to expand community health centers,” Sanders said. “Which are very important in Vermont and very important in South Carolina.”

His plan for South Carolina similar to his medicare for all plan.

“We are the only major country on earth not to grantee healthcare to all people as a human right,” Sanders said.

Some people believe Sanders’ plan for medicare isn’t realistic, like his ideas about free education and erasing student loans.

“Some people say it might be impossible and some hope that is possible,” Sanders said. “Nothing is impossible if people come together and demand it. that’s the history of change. The problem right now in this country is you got a congress that is beholden to wealthy and special interest and not to the working class and middle class in this country.”

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