City of Columbia one step closer to passing 3 ordinances aiming at gun violence and hate crime

COLUMBIA,SC (WOLO)- City leaders in Columbia are aiming at gun violence and hate crime with three laws proposed Tuesday night they moved one step closer to making it official.

City Council green lighted three ordinances that will create gun laws and address hate crimes.

“South Carolina is one of a handful of just a handful of states that does not have a hate crime law,” Mayor Steve Benjamin said. “With so many criminal acts of violence based on age, ethnicity race, sexual orientation. A thoughtful city of the 21st century alt to be acting in that space.”

The council wants to make it illegal to possess a firearm within a thousand feet of schools in Columbia. They also want hate crime and an extreme risk protection laws.

“Giving a family member or law enforcement an opportunity to raise a red flag if they see a person who lives in that house is in crisis,” Benjamin said. “It allows a judge to make a determination as to whether or not guns should be removed from that household.”

The ordinances will have to pass another vote before they can become law. That’s happening in two weeks.

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