Mark Sanford enters 2020 presidential race

Columbia, S.C. (WOLO) — Former SC Governor and US Representative Mark Sanford announced via Twitter Sunday that he will challenge President Donald Trump for the Republican nomination in the 2020 presidential election.

In his tweet, Sanford writes, “I am compelled to enter the Presidential Primary as a Republican for several reasons – the most important of which is to further and foster a national debate on our nation’s debt, deficits and spending. We have a storm coming that we are neither talking about nor preparing for given that we, as a country, are more financially vulnerable than we have ever been since our Nation’s start and the Civil War. We are on a collision course with financial reality. We need to act now. As I have watched the Democrat debates I hear no discussion, or even recognition, of what is occurring. Instead I hear a laundry list of new unpaid for political promises. On the Republican side, spending is up well above President Obama.

@realDonaldTrump has ruled out action on the very things that drive spending and accumulated debt. Debate is even being cancelled on the Republican side, though I believe we need a conversation and action more than ever given our present course. Essentially no one “leading” in Washington is leading, or even speaking of, our financial predicament. We are living in a government spending and financial la-la land.. Which brings me to the larger question of what I, or any of us, can do about it? I have a unique vantage point and set of experiences – as a Governor, as a Member of Congress and as a taxpayer outside of politics. I do believe we must have this conversation now and humbly I step forward. I respect the view of many Republican friends who have suggested that I not run, but I simply counter that competition makes us stronger. I believe competition of ideas is good, not bad, for the Republican Party and for our country. I ask for your wisdom, prayers, suggestions and time along the road ahead. Please join us – get involved – and know how much I would appreciate hearing from you.”
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