Town of Lexington residents say water quality and response leaves bad taste in their mouth

LEXINGTON, SC (WOLO)- People who live in the town of Lexington are concerned after they say the city’s water is leaving a bad taste in their mouth.

“It honestly taste like dirt,” resident Amber Gricius said.

“Thankfully we can buy bottled water but even when I’m just brushing my teeth and I drink a little bit of that water, I still don’t like tasting it,” resident Malechi Doren said.

Officials have responded to the concerns aft responding to concerned residents saying the water is fine.

Gricius has been living in the town of Lexington for years and said this is the first time she’s experienced the water get to this point. It started happening gradually weeks ago.

“I don’t remember it being as bad last year or the year before,” Gricius said. “So we’re starting to wonder what’s going on with it.”

The town of Lexington has responded after getting complaints. They say the waters organic smell and taste is coming from excessive algae growth in Lake Murray that is being caused by hot weather.

Officials say they are working to get rid of the unusual smell and taste, but there is no time frame on when it will happen.

But some people feel there has been a lack of transparency.

“Give us some feedback on how they plan on fixing this situation because I think that the less answers we have the more worried we are about the water,” Gricius said.

Officials say they have increased the carbon filtration to its maximum level but it hasn’t resulted in any changes. But say they are currently exploring different methods.

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