Eligible South Carolina taxpayers set to receive $50 rebate check

The Department of Revenue says the checks should be mailed out by December

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) — In a couple of months, taxpayers across South Carolina are going to get a $50 check in their mailboxes.

The South Carolina Department of Revenue anticipates they will deliver nearly 1.3 million checks to eligible recipients.

ABC Columbia talked to several people in Columbia about what they would do if they randomly received $50. Most of them said they would buy meals, pay for gasoline, get a new pair of shoes, or use it to help others.

The South Carolina Department of Revenue says one lucky person is responsible for everyone gaining some green.

“Earlier this year, lawmakers determined that $61 million from the Mega Millions winner’s tax revenue to provide eligible taxpayers a $50 rebate,” said Bonnie Swingle of the South Carolina Department of Revenue.

However, they say just because you live in South Carolina, that doesn’t mean you’re getting your hands on a check.

“You’re eligible if you’ve filed a 2018 individual income tax return earlier this year or by October 15, 2019, and if you had at least a $50 tax liability after credits,” Swingle said.

The department says the checks are based on individual returns, not taxpayer, so if you are a married couple, you will only get one check. 

In order for the Department of Revenue to mail out the checks in a timely fashion, they encourage people to make sure their returns are in and that their addresses are updated.

“We just hope we can get these checks out in a timely manner to eligible taxpayers, and that taxpayers understand what the eligibility requirements are, and also if they have moved, that we get their new address so they can get it on time,” Swingle said.

For more information on if you are eligible to receive a $50 rebate, click here.

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