Former Columbia police chief sentenced to 30 months in prison

COLUMBIA,SC (WOLO)- Former Columbia police chief, Randy Scott, was sentenced to two and a half years in prison inside a federal courtroom on Wednesday for using drugs and a firearm charge.

The sentencing hearing lasted three hours. A judge heard from Scott about his spiral into addiction and mental health issues that led to his drug use.

“He was put in a very dark place especially after he watched deputy Keith Cannon die in that traffic accident, he came on the scene afterwards,” Attorney Todd Rutherford said. “He said that was his trigger and mentally he was ill prepared to deal with that and he couldn’t . That’s what led us to federal court today.

Rutherford represents Scott and said this case highlights a bigger problem in the state.

“South Carolina does not deal with the problems that a lot of their first responders are having,” Rutherford said. “This case is illustrious of that. Randy has been having problems for years and didn’t get help. He was embarrassed because he was a major in the sheriff’s department.”

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