Despite recent business closings, some remain optimistic about The Vista’s future

Nonnah's, Flying Saucer, Casual Pint, and Takosushi have announced the closing of their Vista locations

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) — Several businesses across the Vista, some of which had been open for years, are closing their doors.

In the past month, the Flying Saucer, Nonnahs, Takosushi, and Casual Pint have all announced they will be shutting down their Vista locations.

Carl Blackstone, the President and CEO of the Columbia Chamber,  says even though it’s unfortunate they are closing, he says it’s a reminder of why businesses have to evolve with the times.

“If you’re a business in town, you constantly have to remarket yourself, reintroduce yourself to a large student population at the university, to new people that are moving in town so you have to grow with the business and the community itself, so you’re seeing new, seeing old, but this is a normal shakeout of the business cycle,” Blackstone said.

Takosushi closed its Vista location due to what they call “severely deteriorating” building conditions.

Nonnah’s, which had been in business for 23 years, and Flying Saucer, which had set up shop in the Vista for 16 years, both said on Facebook that it was time to move on.

Casual Pint had been open in their Midlands location since 2017, but closed in early November. Their Lexington location is still open.

Those businesses have not returned our request for comment as to why they closed.

Blackstone says the changing business climate, particularly for bars, makes it hard for some to stay afloat.

“Stiff competition will make you have to be more competitive and if you can’t, then you’re going to close. That competitive spirit is good and healthy, but you’ve got to be on your A-game,” Blackstone said.

Even though he says having businesses close is a concern, he believes the Vista will rebound and thrive for years to come.

“Right now, you’re seeing a large number of new businesses open up, you’re seeing 2 or 3 new hotels open up in the next year, so I think you’re going to continue to see some open, some close, but the net we’re going to see will be a big positive for Columbia,” said Blackstone.

Blackstone says he envisions more businesses, possibly craft breweries, coming to the Vista alongside the new hotels to capitalize on the city’s growing tourism base.

Casual Pint, Nonnah’s, and Takosushi have all closed their Vista locations, while Flying Saucer will have their last call on December 10.

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