Conagree Elementary teachers connect from safe distance during parade


SOUTH CONGAREE (WOLO)- Dozens of teachers and staff from Congaree Elementary lined the streets of their students for a teacher parade.

“All of us really miss our kids, and we love them,” Victoria Thackston, a teacher at Congaree Elementary said. “We’re so anxious to be able to see them. We wish we were back in school.”

Teachers have spent more than a week away from the classroom because of the Coronavirus outbreak. On March 15, Governor Henry McMaster announced that all schools in the state will remain closed until the end of the month.

“It’s been so long, even though it’s only been a little while, it seems like a very long time when you’re out of school,” Principal of Congaree Elementary, Christopher Dickey said. “Our teachers are very into this community. They live here many of them have gone to school here. They love this community. They love this school.”

After a teacher saw a post on Facebook about another school hosting a teacher parade, she decided to pitch the idea.

“I immediately thought how much our kids would love that, and shared with some of my teacher friends and it skyrocketed,” Thackston said.

On Wednesday more than 25 cars filled with teachers and signs saying “We Miss Y’all” pulled off from the campus and into the community they serve.

“It was very nice what they did,” Kendra James, a parent said. “To see all of the teachers, the principal and the rest of the staff get together to do this, it meant a lot to the parents and the kids.”

“I love what the teachers do and I appalled them for their commitment and dedication,” Ken Doney, a parent said.

“The learning is important, but nothing trumps relationships,”Angela Brown, Congaree Elementary school’s assistant principal said. “So I’m so excited to connect with the kids and let the parents know that we are still here for them.”

Family’s stood in their yards and shouted back words of appreciation.

“I think it was amazing,”Emma Doney, an elementary student said. “I loved it very much.”

Schools will remain closed until the end of April, but for now teachers and students will have to connect from a safe distance.

“It just shows the unity we have in Congaree,” Dickey said.

“Just being able to let the parents know that we meant it when we said we are in this together,” Brown said.

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