Prisma Health offers online interactive symptom-checker for COVID-19

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)– There is one more way you can seek help online if you think you may have Coronavirus symptoms.

 Prisma Health has launched an online interactive symptom-checker for COVID-19.

Prisma Health says the service is free and you do not have to be a patient at Prisma Health.

Per Prisma Health, here’s what you can do to check out the website:

 The click-to-chat platform, has 24-7 access from any computer or mobile device. The tool is available at or by texting “COVID19” to 83973.

 “The quick, easy feedback helps not only those individuals seeking medical advice but helps contain the spread of the virus,” said Dr. Nick Patel, chief digital executive for Prisma Health and who has a 15-year background in internal medicine. “Our goal is always to look for ways to better serve our communities. We’re thrilled to offer this resource to our communities in hopes it will provide timely answers to people from the safety and comfort of their own homes.”

The site also includes information about Prisma Health’s free Virtual Visit option for patients with suspected COVID-19 and lists its community outreach hotline, 1-833-2PRISMA.

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