Red Cross volunteers sewing face masks to help veterans and their families

Columbia, S.C. (WOLO) — Red Cross volunteers across the state are working to sew face masks for veterans and their families, to protect them from COVID-19. This is the same thing that Red Cross volunteers did over 100 years ago during the Spanish Flu.

One volunteer is Lornia Winnen, who’s been a Red Cross volunteer since 2001.

Winnen has been sewing face masks since the need began.

“I had actually started making masks early on when I found there was a need in the medical profession. And then I heard that they were needing them for the VA,” said Winnen. “They were in dire need of these masks, and they would be going directly to the military personnel and their family members. So, coming from a military family, I had to help.”

In the past few months, she’s sewn over 300 face masks.

“It’s one way to give back to so many who have given so much to me as an individual, as an American. The little time I give up is nothing,” said Winnen.

The Red Cross has done this before, over 100 years ago. Millions of volunteers came together to make masks to prevent the spread of the Spanish Flu.

“It gives me a sense of pleasure, and the fact that I am helping provide some comfort by making some masks,” said Winnen.

She said sewing the masks is just a small token of appreciation for those who have given so much.

“My husband’s a veteran. My in-laws are veterans, we’ve got a long list of veterans in our family. My dad’s a veteran. And if they know somebody cares, it’s worth it,” said Winnen.

She plans to continue making the masks as long as she can.

“I will keep making them until they tell me they don’t need them anymore. And probably I’ll still end up making them, because somebody’s going to want one,” said Winnen.

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