Transition to Renewable Energy is Actually Cheaper has summarized a study recently released from UC Berkeley and GridLab. It states that not only is it possible to get to 90% renewable energy by 2035, but it would be cheaper. The cost of electricity would be 13% cheaper than if we stay the course of using natural gas, coal, etc., to power our electricity grid. (And that doesn’t factor in the medical costs that we all pay as a result of the impacts on our health from burning things like coal and natural gas. And it also doesn’t factor in the cost that we are all paying and will have to continue to pay for a warming planet – again the result of burning things like coal and natural gas that release heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere.)

So how is this possible? There’s been a dramatic decrease in the coast solar, wind, and batteries over the last several years. It’s a lot like any technology. It’s expensive in the beginning phases, but as it picks up traction, it gets much less expensive.

One thing to ponder here. Think of how much cleaner the air has been over the past few months with folks staying at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is something we can have all the time and in the end it saves us money. We need to push for this as soon as possible.


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