“Matter is the Minimum”: Gamecock football player’s sign brings rivals together

COLUMBIA, S.C. — What started as just a poster board and a marker has turned into a statement seen by the entire nation.

When Gamecock quarterback Jay Urich was preparing to take part in a protest in downtown Columbia with the entire football team, he sat down with two friends and got the idea for what his sign would say.

They came up with the idea “Matter is the Minimum” as a response to the “Black Lives Matter” slogan. The sign went viral on Twitter, even getting shared by Bernice King, Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter.

It also caught the eye of Clemson running back Darien Rencher, who was planning the Tigers’ protest last week.

He and Urich have been friends since their days playing high school football against each other and attending church together in the upstate. Rencher reached out to ask Urich about what went into the Gamecocks’ protest, and to ask if “Matter is the Minimum” could make an appearance at Clemson.

So Urich overnight shipped it for around $40 so that the message could be heard loud and clear from the two biggest football programs in the state of South Carolina. They might be rivals on the field, but right now they’re playing on the same team as they fight for change.

He sat down with ABC Columbia today to share what this message means to him, and what he hopes comes from the Tigers and Gamecocks protests.


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