Richland Co. Councilman Calvin “Chip” Jackson passes away


Photo: Provided by Richland Co.

Richland Co. S.C. (WOLO)–Friday Richland Co. officials announced the passing of Calvin “Chip” Jackson of Dist. 9.

The county released this statement on his passing, “Councilman Jackson, a thoughtful and valued member of our Body, led the Transportation Penny Ad Hoc Committee through very difficult times and our Economic Development Committee to great successes. Councilman Jackson was a hard worker, but more importantly, he was a dear colleague and friend. After further consultation with the Jackson family, Richland County will apprise Mr. Jackson’s constituents and community friends of details, of any memorials and ways to honor his tireless work on behalf of Richland County and District 9.”

Councilman Jackson is survived by his wife, Pat, his mother, children, grandchild.

No details were provided on what lead to Councilman Jackson’s death.

Jackson’s service with the county council began in 2016.

According to his bio on the Richland Co. Council website he served as the Chief Operating Officer for administration at Bible Way Church of Atlas Road from 2005 until December 2016 and remained an active member of the church.


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