SCGOP releases statement on Biden’s nomination of Harris


Columbia, S.C. (WOLO)–The South Carolina Republican Party put out a statement on Sen. Kamala harris’ nomination as Joe Biden’s running mate.

Chairman Drew McKissick writes, “Kamala Harris is a radical, pro-abortion democrat who wants to confiscate guns, pass medicare-for-all, let illegal immigrants in our country by the thousands, and pass AOC’s Green New Deal. She claims to be an advocate for minorities but she has sat back and watched her own party continue to take African-Americans for granted for decades. That’s all anybody in SC needs to know about her, and Sleepy Joe for picking her.”

There are several claims in that statement so we checked them out.
During her campaign Senator Harris did say she supports a woman’s right to choose and would require state’s to get federal approval before enacting abortion bans.
In terms of gun control, we could not find anywhere where Senator Harris called for confiscating guns.
She did say during her presidential campaign that if elected she would sign executive orders mandating universal background checks, revoke the licenses of gun dealers who break the law and closing the so-called “boyfriend” loophole.
Senator Harris has voiced support for the Green New Deal and said that the U.S. should re-enter the Paris Climate Agreement.

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