Former teacher charged with soliciting a minor sentenced to 5 years in prison

Authorities say McWilliams was a middle school teacher accused of having cintacting minor on FB, sending nude photos

(AP/File) Jail cell

Columbia, SC (WOLO) —A now former teacher pleaded guilty to Criminal Solicitation of a Minor and was sentenced to ten years in prison Monday.

According to Leary McKenzie, the attorney representing Kenneth McWilliams, says his client pleaded guilty during an appearance in appeals court in Florence County.

Investigators say between the April 7 and April 10, of 2017, Kenneth McWilliams contacted the victim through the social media platform, Facebook Messenger. According to officials, McWilliams had numerous conversations with the victim, that authoritie say shows plans to meet to engage in sexual activity.

On April 11, the victim’s mother went to the Marion County Sheriff’s Department, where she told officials that she found ‘inappropriate messages’ to her daughter from McWilliams, who was a middle school teacher.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Department did separate interviews with the victim and McWilliams. During that time officials say McWilliams admitted to having sexual conversations with the victim and sending nude images to the youngster imvolved.

McWilliams was arrested on April 18, 2017. Yet, while out on bond officials say McWilliams went to the victim’s school. School something officials say he later admitted to doing several times. He also admitted to sending messages that were sexually explicit.

Adding to the accusations, administrators at the school claim they saw McWilliams arriving at and leaving the facility.

After this incident, McWilliams was re-arrested September 7, 2018, and later sentenced to 10 years in prison.

According to Judge Brown who presided over the case requires McWilliams serve five of those years in prison, five on probabtion and must register as a sex offender upon release.

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