Bull Street District officials release statement on Babcock Building Fire

Babcock building

Babcock Building fire courtesy Columbia Fire department

Babcock Building fire courtesy Columbia Fire Department

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)– Members of the BullStreet District are reacting to a 3 alarm fire Saturday that burned the historic Babcock Building.

In a statement, Robert Hughes, President of Hughes Development Corporation, Master Developer, reacted to the fire.


 “It is impossible to properly express our deep emotions as Columbia firefighters continue to battle the fire at the Babcock Building.

First, we appreciate the brave firefighters, law enforcement officers, EMS personnel and other first responders for what they are doing. We are thankful that, as far as we can determine, no one has been seriously injured.

For many decades, the community has worked together to preserve one of South Carolina’s most iconic buildings. It is a labor of love for so many people who cherish its historical significance.

Clachan Properties, which owns the building and specializes in reviving large-scale historic properties, was in the final stages of preparation to renovate it for future generations. Site cleanup had begun.

Though the iconic dome and the central portions of the interior are destroyed, we are thankful that the Columbia Fire Department was able to contain most of the damage to the central portion of the building. We are working closely with various law enforcement agencies to help determine the cause of the fire and will support Clachan as they move forward.

Progress will continue at The BullStreet District. We are grateful to all who have expressed their concern and to those who continue to work to mitigate the impact of the fire.”

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