SC Back to school: Tips for parents on managing Virtual learning

Columbia, S.C. (WOLO) — This school year looks different for many families across the Midlands, as the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many schools to implement a virtual element to learning.

Teachers at the Cyber Academy of South Carolina (CASC) have some tips and advice for parents as they undergo a different kind of school year.

“One thing that is really important is to just breathe, and know that everyone’s in the same situation,” said Jennifer Overholt-Mau, CASC College and Career Readiness Administrator.

For parents, virtual learning may cause anxiety as it’s likely the first time they’re dealing with remote learning.

“You really have to be flexible because a lot of teachers are just learning platforms for the first time,” said Overholt-Mau.

One tip is to make sure your student has a specific learning space.

“So I definitely suggest having a designated area, not in the bed, and actually physically getting up and getting dressed is important, and trying to limit the distractions as much as possible,” said Overholt-Mau.

Parents have to remember that all virtual schools are different and have different expectations.

“I think getting to know those expectations early, whether it be during orientation or onboarding for your school, is very important for making sure your student is successful,” said Overholt-Mau.

Be patient, and don’t be afraid to ask questions or reach out if you think your student may be struggling.

“Teachers want to be with you and want to help your student as much as possible. So I think definitely if you’re struggling, reach out to your teacher or your guidance counselor,” said Overholt-Mau.

Maintaining a schedule is key to continuing their education during a global pandemic.

“Just checking in with the student, making sure that they’re keeping a schedule daily is important. Because if it’s a self-pace program, that scheduling is going to be critical for the student to be successful,” said Overholt-Mau. “And I do believe your child will be supported and loved as much as possible, even if it’s in a virtual setting.”