SCGOP calls for Jaime Harrison to drop staffers after offensive tweets are revealed

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)– South Carolina republicans are calling on Senate candidate Jaime Harrison to release two of his staffers after their past controversial tweets resurfaced. 

The tweets, attributed to Bre Maxwell and Guy King, contain antisemitic and homophobic slurs.

Harrison, his campaign manager, as well as Maxwell and King released the following statements in response:

Zack Carroll, campaign manager: “These inappropriate tweets are inconsistent with the values of our campaign and violate our employee policies. The two staff members have apologized and the matter is being handled internally. This campaign isn’t about staff tweets from years ago, it’s about the issues of today. This race should be focused on how to get help to South Carolinians who are struggling to make rent, at risk of losing their health insurance, and getting their children safely back in schools during the worst pandemic in the last century.”
Jaime Harrison: “I reject these reprehensible comments and I’ve addressed this personally with the staffers involved. That language has no place in our state. Although these tweets are many years old, inexperience is no excuse for such inappropriate language, and I have addressed this personally with these individuals and my entire team.”
Guy King: “I sincerely apologize for the hurtful and inappropriate tweets I wrote years ago as a student in high school and at the start of college. These words are not consistent with my character or what is in my heart. As a Black gay man, I know how hurtful words like this can be and have experienced the pain that comments like this can cause. I hope anyone hurt by these words accepts my heartfelt apology.”

Bre Maxwell: “I deeply apologize for these tweets. They do not reflect who I am, my values, or the principles I work so hard to uphold. I have been on the receiving end of hurtful remarks because of my background, and never wanted my words to be a source of pain for any community. I will be dedicating myself to learning from my mistakes.”

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