October – 4th Hottest on Record Globally

The numbers are in and October 2020 was the 4th hottest October on record globally. This 4th place spot for the month actually makes it the “coolest” month in 2020 so far. Each month in 2020 was at least in the top 3 warmest on record. If you’re wondering if this warming is a trend, look no further than this. October 2020 was the 430th consecutive month with global temperatures above the twentieth-century average. Put another way, the last time the earth was cooler than average was in 1976. Unfortunately, this warming trend will continue. For the complete story, see: https://www.climate.gov/news-features/features/october-2020-%E2%80%9Conly%E2%80%9D-fourth-warmest-october-record


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