Amazon, General Motors, Walmart and more call climate action a ‘business imperative’

Below are excerpts from the ABC article:

“Dozens of leading U.S. companies penned a letter Wednesday urging President-elect Joe Biden and lawmakers to re-enter the nation into the Paris Climate Agreement and to enact “ambitious” solutions to tackle climate change.”

The letter was signed by 42 companies, including Amazon, General Motors and Walmart. The companies “view climate action as a business imperative,” the letter said.

“Our communities and our economy are enduring not only a devastating pandemic but also the rising costs of climate change,” the letter went on. “Record wildfires, flooding, hurricanes and other extreme weather are upending lives and livelihoods. And science makes clear that future generations will face far greater environmental, economic and health impacts unless we act now.”

Picture below of Charleston flooding by @glennsmith5



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