Governor McMaster says he’s “frustrated” with the pace of vaccine distribution in SC

COLUMBIA (WOLO): Governor Henry Mcmaster held a press conference at the state house this morning to discuss an allocation of funding for South Carolinians, before calling on health officials to move quicker on vaccine distribution. 

Governor McMaster said he’s “frustrated” with the pace of the vaccine distribution in our state, and now the pressure’s on for health officials and those eligible to receive the vaccine in phase 1A with a new January deadline. 

“We are frustrated and we are determined to eliminate the bottlenecks that are slowing us down,” said Governor Henry McMaster. 

In a press conference Tuesday, Governor McMaster faults bottlenecks in the distribution system for a slow vaccine roll out in South Carolina. Now he’s calling on DHEC, state health officials, and individuals to move quickly. “What i asked DHEC to do yesterday was to establish a deadline and they are communicating that right now as we speak to the hospital executives. By January the 15th, if you are in group 1A, that’s the first group. If you have either not gotten your vaccination or made an appointment to get it sometime shortly after that then you’re gonna have to go to the back of the line.”

Allowing those in the next phase of distribution who want the vaccine to get it. Even telling eligible individuals to make a phone call if they haven’t yet been contacted. “Call that hospital. Contact DHEC. Don’t wait for a letter in the mail,” said Gov. McMaster. 

Meanwhile gthe Governor says there is good news. South Carolina is in a much better position than other states. “South Carolina is taking a smart, deliberate path based on accelerated SC advice, medical, epidemiologists, and we are going to get through this.”

The governor Tuesday also announced he’s allocating nearly 20 million dollars to the state’s foster care system, the technical college system, and early childhood education.


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