Former President obtains S.C. lawyer for Senate impeachment trial

Multiple sources, including top GOP Senators, spokesperson for Sen. Lindsey Graham confirm the addition

(ABC News)– A South Carolina attorney will represent the former President in his Senate impeachment trial.

A top Trump adviser tweeted that South Carolina native Butch Bowers has joined the Trump defense team.

Bowers is well known in the Palmetto State political circles for defending politicians.

Among those, the last three South Carolina Governors. A then Lieutenant Governor Henry McMaster in 2015, Former South Carolina Governor and former United States Ambassador for the United Nations Nikki Haley in 2016, and former Governor Mark Sandford who Bowers saved from being removed from office in 2009.

Meanwhile, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell wants the impeachment trial delayed. He’s proposing the Senate give Trump’s legal team two weeks to prepare for the trial and delay its start until February.

McConnell reportedly made the comments during a conference call Thursday according to multiple GOP Senators. A spokesperson for South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham also confirmed comments the Senator made about the addition during the GOP conference call.

There is still no word yet on whether or not Democrats will agree with the request. House Democrats could still send the article over to the senate and start the trial as soon as the next day.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has not said when she plans to send the article of impeachment to the Senate.

This evening South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham says he supports McConnells impeachment trial plans. saying the proposed process is quote, “acceptable to the former president’s legal team and fair to the senate, the house, and the nation.

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