Local soldiers remember serving in Operation Desert Storm 30 years ago

COLUMBIA (WOLO): It’s been 3 decades since thousands of american troops deployed to Iraq as part of Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield. Some of those soldiers live right here at home as part of U.S. Army Central at Shaw Air Force Base.

100 hours that shaped their last 30 years. Angela and Gerald Fambro’s love story began like many others.

“I kept making jokes, picking with her, laughing, and we developed a friendship from then on,” explained Gerald Fambro on how they met.

Through deployment, and then Operation Desert Storm, Angela said, “it was comforting to know that I was deploying with my best friend here.”

They say it was their bond that got them through, and now married for the last 28 years. “Whatever fear or nervousness I had, I had someone else here that was probably just as scared and nervous as well,” said Angela.

Gerald joked, “I was not scared and nervous.” Gerald served as a Personnel Specialist during Desert Storm, while Angela served as an Administrative Specialist.

It was 1991, before cell phones,and instant communication; when mail was a soldier’s life line to home.

Mail brings such a smile to everybody’s face. It was an awesome sense of pride to have been a part of something so great.” Lula Thompson served in the Army for 22 years. She was a post inspector at desert storm. 

She said, “I wasn’t on the front lines, but the work that we did there when those soldiers came back made me feel like I was on the front line.”

That 100 hour mission became much more. Thompson said it was a pivotal point in her career, and a gateway for all women soldiers to serve in areas of combat. “Women have come a long way. We have showed them that we can go shoulder to shoulder with our male counterparts and do whatever they can do. It opened up a whole new world for female soldiers,” said Thompson. 

“I’m honored to have been a part of that history to open up that gateway.  We came together not only as soldiers, but as women and we supported one another,” Angela Fambro explained.

As they look back 30 years, they look back with immense pride.

“It’s an awesome privilege to have served 30 years ago and still be here to talk about it,” Gerald said.

February 24th will be 30 years since the ground assault began in Iraq, and ended February 28th 1991. 

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