SC State Trooper charged with aggravated assault, fired from SCHP

COLUMBIA (WOLO): A South Carolina State Trooper was fired from his job Saturday after an assault against a man in Lexington.

An incident report from Lexington County Sheriff’s Deputies says it happened around 11:30 p.m. Friday at a home on Riglaw Circle.

27-year-old John Batista stopped at the home, after seeing a man in a driveway, and asked what he was doing there. The man said he was on a date.

The report says that’s when Batista, who had been working with SCHP since May 2019, grabbed the man around his neck with both hands and pushed him up against his truck.

Batista allegedly then pulled out a knife and held it to the man’s head. The man was able to take Batista to the ground, and held his arm in such a way that prevented him from using the knife, according to the incident report. The men separated when another person came outside from the house.

Batista showed his SCHP badge, and was wearing a SCHP ballcap at the time.

The victim also found a knife puncture in his truck tire, which was flattened.

Batista is charged with aggravated assault and destruction of property/vandalism.

SCHP says Batista has been fired and sent ABC Columbia this statement:

“J.P. Batista was terminated from employment with the South Carolina Highway Patrol on March 20th. The former trooper was arrested on March 20th by the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department. He was stationed in Troop 1 (Midlands) and had served with SCHP since May 2019.”

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