Homeowners discouraged after flooding, erosion issues in new development

COLUMBIA (WOLO): Residents of a newly developed neighborhood in Lexington county are upset and discouraged with their developer after flooding issues began wreaking havoc on their yards and homes. 

Rainy days are devastating for homeowners in the Copper Bluff Developments. They say there’s no drainage system put in, and are worried for their homes’ foundation in the long-run.

“This was my dream to just have my own home one day. Now all these dreams are on hold.”

One homeowner bought her new house in November, built by Clayton Properties, or Mungo homes, but says because of a lack of drainage in the neighborhood, her backyard is slowly eroding.

“I noticed unevenness, some parts of the ground that were uneven and sinking in,” she explains. 

Across the street is a mound of sand left behind John Cook and Art Vincent’s homes. 

“Every time it rains, the sand is eroding my backyard. Every time it rains I lose more backyard, more sod. I’m worried about the foundation of my home. I’m worried about the sand creeping up to my back door. I don’t want to come outside to a beach,” said Vincent. 

Residents say they had no knowledge of any of these issues prior to signing the dotted line, and that these are pre-existing issues. When they’ve contacted Mungo homes for answers: 

“I put in an emergency request asking if they can please adhere to this. It took maybe about three months. Finally they came out, and put sod and grass down to put a band-aid to cover up the area,” said Gruce. 

“They say we’ve done our part. As far as the hill, that’s on you,” Vincent explains regarding Mungo Homes’ response to his concerns. 

After reaching out to Mungo homes myself, they tell me they’re waiting on Lexington county to tell them if anything needs to be done. 

“You should’ve done it before. You should’ve put drains in the streets so that this water has somewhere to go,” said Homeowner John Cook. 

“This company did all the shortcuts. They put these houses up quick, so they could make a quick buck,” said one homeowner.

In the meantime, Mungo Homes says they’ve scheduled appointments with residents who have reached out to them with concerns.

“You need to do something Clayton Properties. You need to do something now. You have a lot of homeowners that are discouraged, upset, and we paid a lot of money for these properties,” pleads Cook.

“We have wonderful neighbors and a great community, so I’m hopeful they’ll make the situation right,”.

Lexington County officials tell ABC Columbia News Monday, after an inspection to the properties on March 22nd, the county issued a correction action for the developer.

Mungo homes has until Tuesday, March 30th, to take corrective action, or they’ll be in violation of the County Storm water Ordinance.

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