AG Alan Wilson wins lawsuit against City of Columbia over stricter gun laws

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)– On Tuesday, South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson announced that he won a lawsuit filed against the City of Columbia over gun laws. According to officials, Wilson sued the city in April 2020, saying it could not make gun laws that were stricter than those of the state.

“We’ve said for three decades now that state law doesn’t allow cities, towns or counties to regulate firearms, so we appreciate the judge’s ruling,” Attorney General Wilson said. “These Columbia ordinances clearly violate the state law that prohibits local governments from passing any gun laws or ordinances that regulate the transfer, ownership, or possession of firearms.”

According to the Attorney General’s Office, the City of Columbia was notified that local gun ordinances need to correspond with state law but continued to pass ordinances including one that allows the city to confiscate firearms from individuals with Extreme Risk Protection Orders against them.

“The General Assembly, through state law, has reserved for itself the ability to protect its citizens’ Second Amendment rights. State law means just that—the law of the entire State. Therefore, the remedy for the City is to convince the Legislature to change the law, not to disregard it. This ruling now provides clear guidance to all local governments on future matters of gun regulation,” Attorney General Wilson said.

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