Law firm represents families of students on hijacked bus to get answers

An Attorney helps families of students who want answers

CNN/ABC News– The families of two victims of the school bus hijacking last week are demanding answers from Fort Jackson and Richland school district two.

Richland County deputies say on May 6-th., 23-year-old Jovan Collazo, left Jackson with an unloaded rifle. Collazo is accuses of  later hijacked a school bus with 18 kids inside.

Collazo faces multiple charges,  including 19 counts of kidnapping.
His next court date is on May 28-th.

Attorney Bakari Sellers and a father of 2 of the elementary school children who were on the bus during the bus during incident spoke Wednesday, saying they deserve answers.

When asked if the families planned to file a lawsuit in connection with the incident, a spokesperson for the law firm representing the families replied, “not yet.”

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