Consumer News: Ikea recalling some plates and related items, the streaming market is getting more crowded and more!

CNN– Celebrating the unofficial start of summer is going to cost more this year if your plans include a road trip. The national average for the price of gas is $3 a gallon. The U.S. hasn’t seen prices this high since 2014. It’s also an increase of more than $1 per gallon from the week preceding memorial day last year.

Ikea is recalling some bowls, plates and mugs because of a possible burn hazard. According to consumer product officials, the HEROISK and
TALRIKA products can become brittle and break when heated. The consumer product safety commission says about 148,000 of these bowls, plates and mugs were sold in the U.S. Ikea says customers can return them to the store for a full refund.

A petition with more than 180,000 signatures is demanding Facebook stop development on a version of Instagram for kids. You have to be at least 13 years old to get an Instagram account. The petition asks Facebook to stop developing a kid version, saying even adult social media users struggle with things like getting that perfect photo and fear of missing out, and pre-teens shouldn’t enter that world. Facebook issued a response admitting those are real problems and promising to work to address them in an Instagram made for kids.

The online streaming entertainment market is getting a bit more crowded. WarnerMedia merging with Discovery to create a new company. Now, Amazon is reportedly in talks to buy a film studio to possibly pour more content into its existing Prime Video streaming service. Mary Moloney tells us more.

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