DNR: New law banning tegus from being brought in state goes into effect

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)– New laws go into effect today, banning a type of lizard from being brought into the state. The Department of Natural Resources announced Friday that tegus are now banned in the state.

Officials say the black and white lizards, which are popular in the pet trade, have been introduced in to wild areas in the state where they are known to eat local species.

Tegus are predatory lizards, and they have been known to eat a variety of native species, such as quail and gopher tortoises, which are an endangered species in South Carolina,” said Will Dillman, SCDNR assistant chief of wildlife. “These regulations are aimed at stopping the proliferation of tegus before they are able to establish and do real damage in our state.”

Anyone who currently owns a tegu is required to register the animal with the state by September 25.

For more information about tegus, visit www.dnr.sc.gov/wildlife/herps/tegu.html.

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