Supporting Camp Kemo $1 at a time

A local restaurant and a Man of the Year join forces for Camp Kemo

CAYCE SC (WOLO) — D’s Wings has been a staple in Cayce for over thirty years, and has become known not only for their wings, but their Dollar Wall, decorated with Washington’s from three decades of customers.

About six months ago, according to D’s owner Billy Rentz, the restaurant moved…not that far, mind you…but part of the move meant also removing thousands of dollars from the walls.  That is where Ernie Yarborough came in, with an interesting idea for Rentz, his longtime friend.  Yarborough thought it would be a fantastic idea to donate the dollars to Camp Kemo, and Rentz agreed.

With the help of D’s General Manager, staff, Yarborough, and his family, they began the painstaking task of cleaning and counting the bills.

D’s Wings will be doing the check presentation of their Dollar Bill Donation to Camp Kemo / Prisma Health Midlands Foundation this Thursday at 11:30am at the new D’s Wings location, 415 Meeting St West Columbia, and includes a contest where patrons can guess how many dollars came off the wall.

According to Yarborough, the total money which includes D’s dollars and several companies matching the dollars, will be over $20,000.



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