Outrage in the Rock Hill community after a video is released of brothers’ arrests at a gas station

CNN– There is outrage in the Rock Hill community, after a video posted on Facebook has gotten nearly 100,000 views. The now viral video shows two brothers getting arrested during a struggle with police officers at a gas station.

Deshawn Brown has the latest.

The fall out from that video took place just hours later Wednesday night, when protesters took to the streets. Protesters reportedly blocked the Dave Lyle Boulevard intersection, walked to the Rock Hill Police Department and later set a fire in front of the building. Local news crews that were on the scene, and witnessed demonstrators throwing objects at an officer.

Authorities are doing an internal review of the incident.

After being arrested Wednesday, both brothers appeared in court Thursday. Officials say Ricky Price was denied bond, while his brother Travis is being released on bond, according to the lawyers. Ricky Price was apparently out on bond on five charges and had three additional cocaine charges.

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