Consumer News: Air travel at lowest level in three months, Walmart wants to hire thousands of warehouse workers and more!

CNN– People have started needlessly panic buying toilette paper again. There is no threat of a shortage, unless the panic buying itself depletes supplies. This also happened in the initial reaction to the pandemic in 2020. The fear of not having enough toilet paper snowballed and created the very problem shoppers wanted to avoid, a shortage. According to USA Today, manufacturers are working to meet the new spike in demand.

Air travel is at its lowest level in more than three months. The TSA says it screened 1.3 million people at airports nationwide Tuesday. The number has not been this low since May 18. Experts point out travel typically slumps at the end of summer, but they say the rising coronavirus cases are weighing on future trip planning.

Delta is looking to hire 1,500 new flight attendants. The company says applicants must have graduated high school or have their GED and be at least 21-years-old. They also must be fully vaccinated before they start training. In all, the company plans to have 3,000 new flight attendants in the air by summer 2022.

Walmart is desperate for new employees, about 20,000 of them. The new jobs aren’t for Walmart stores, they are warehouse roles for the retailer’s distribution centers. Such warehouse jobs are in huge demand as the pandemic accelerated already shifting customer preferences to order products online. Walmart is offering more than $20 an hour, plus free college tuition for the full and part time positions. With 1.6 million employees, Walmart is already the nation’s largest private employer.

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