Local Businesses dealing with supply chain issues

We spoke with the owner of Uptown Gifts about supply chain impacts

COLUMBIA, SC  (WOLO)–Local businesses are experiencing product delays due to supply chain issues.
ABC Columbia’s Miya Payton spoke with those dealing with the disruption as the holiday season approaches.

Products are arriving much later than normal for the holidays.

Michelle Cormier owner of Uptown Gifts “Normally I would get my Christmas merchandise in July so that you are well prepared for the holidays so you can plan your displays. And I’d say probably 75% of my Christmas hasn’t even arrived yet.”

Cormier says this is unlike any supply chain disruption she’s seen so far. 

Her advice for customers is simple, don’t wait. 

Michelle Cormier: “Shop early if you see something that you think is going to be the perfect gift for somebody, grab it now because it may not be there in a month.”

She says the popular items are for sure the first to go. 

Like these ‘bog’ bags — she says it’s difficult to keep these in stock because the company has struggled to keep up since the pandemic. 

Michelle “The company is about a year and a half behind in fulfilling orders.”

Cormier says it doesn’t matter where the products are coming from — near or far. . 

It’s all a challenge.  

She was shocked when her order of welcome boards came in. 

Michelle ”I placed my Christmas order and I was lucky to get it. I won’t be able to get any other Christmas ones because they can’t get the boards . .  even though it’s from the United States because of workforce issues.”

And when it comes to Christmas decor this section is all she has —She’s still waiting on a lot of orders.

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