Consumer News: Thousands of flights cancelled over the weekend, gas prices up in Columbia and more

CNN– Now that we’re done with Halloween, we’re one step closer to holiday shopping. Target is getting ahead of the game by starting its Black Friday sales now! Each week, the retail giant will be offering ‘Holiday Best’ deals, which are the best prices for the entire season. These sales include electronics, toys, kitchen appliances, apparel and beauty items. New deals are released each Sunday, but not all deals will last the entire week. Experts have been recommending people shop early this year because of the constant shortages and supply chain issues.

ABC NEWS– Along with holiday shopping, comes holiday travel, and this year might be crazier than others. American Airlines cancelling another 250 flights Monday, after nearly 1,000 cancelled flights this weekend as it deals with weather and staffing issues. ABC’s Trevor Ault has more on the ripple effects nationwide.

CNN– If you’re planning to travel on the roads rather than in the air this upcoming Thanksgiving, prices at the pumps are rising again this week. Columbia drivers are paying an average $3.10 per gallon, nearly 30 cents higher than a month ago. The cheapest price you could pay filling up in the state capital is $2.89, but could also run you up to $3.35 per gallon, according to GasBuddy. The national price at the pumps stands at $3.38 heading into November.

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