MAYOR RICKENMANN: Columbia’s new leader addresses residents and discusses plans for next four years at inauguration

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO) — Columbia now has a new mayor.

Rickenmann defeated Tameika Isaac Devine in a 52 to 48 percent runoff election back in November.

Former councilman Daniel Rickemann was sworn in this afternoon outside city hall. He was joined by new council members Joe Taylor, Aditi Bussells and Tina Herbert to be sworn in as new leaders of Columbia.

The new mayor first called Columbia home while attending USC and has stayed ever since.

“As an entrepreneur, I could not help but notice the inefficiencies in how our city operated. I ran for council to make a change,” Rickenmann said. “I wanted it to be easier for people to live, work and raise a family here.”

After serving as councilman for the downtown neighborhoods of District 4, Rickenmann now has big plans for the entire capital city.

“In Columbia, we will have open arms for everyone,” he said. “We will be a compassionate city that doesn’t just help everyone get along but every community thrive. We will make sure our sidewalks, streets, schools and every corner of this city is clean and makes its residents proud.”

The new mayor spoke about helping residents in all walks of life and all parts of Soda City.

“We will provide a hand up to those in our streets so they can stand up on their own,” Rickenmann said. “We’ll increase homeowner and generational wealth. We’ll make it easier to start a business here, invest in our great city and its people.”

During his campaign, Rickenmann focused on increasing public safety and lowering taxes that he believes has hindered growth of businesses in Columbia.  He now says he is ready to get started on those projects for the next four years.

“We are going to do better because the future of our city depends on our shared success. God bless you all and thank you,” the new mayor said.

This afternoon’s event was moved from the convention center to outdoors due to COVID 19 concerns and was well attended.

Rickenmann concluded his inaugural speech by saying Columbia is now “open for business”.

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