Wintry Mix on This Weekend?

Is there going to be some wintry weather here Saturday night into Sunday?  That’s all that everyone is asking me today.  So it seems like the right time to chat about this.

As you know, we get snow, ice, or freezing rain occasionally around here.  But in order for that to happen, EVERYTHING has to come together just right.  As for this weekend, YES, the ingredients COULD come together for a wintry mix.  BUT it’s TOO EARLY to say for certain.  It essentially boils down to this.  Will we have enough cold air in place?  The two maps below show two possibilities.

This one shows a scenario where the center of the storm is located near Memphis.  In this case, we get a lot of wind from the south, which blows up too much warm air for us to get anything but rain.  (Rain is green and yellow. Freezing rain is pink. Snow is purple.)


This one shows a scenario where the center of the storm is located over the Florida Panhandle.  In this case, we get winds from the north, which blows in cold air and we get lots of freezing rain (Pink).


Remember, this storm hasn’t even formed yet.  At this point, we don’t know for sure where it’s going form.  We’re estimating its location at this time – more than 3.5 days from now.

So, my advice is to simply stay tuned.  We’ll know more as we get closer.

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