Winter Weather This Weekend

We’re going to see a healthy swath of freezing rain late Saturday night into Sunday morning – especially north of Columbia.  Freezing rain causes the most problems because it’s rain that freezes on contact when it lands.  Too much freezing rain means power lines and tree limbs come down.  This map shows the different types of precipitation that we should expect – green, yellow and orange is rain, pink is freezing rain, and blue is snow.


This map shows roughly what to expect for accumulations (in inches) of freezing rain. Clearly if a half an inch of freezing rain accumulates on trees and power lines, we’ll have some big problems.


This map shows where what the expected impacts are.  Look for lots of limbs and power lines down north of Columbia.  Look for a few limbs and power lines down from Saluda through to Sumter.  At this point we don’t expect any problems in places like Orangeburg – that’s because the storm will produce just rain in these locations well south of Columbia.


As always, stay tuned for updates as the storm gets closer.

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