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Inflation Prices continue jumping

A key inflation measure rose again last year at the fastest pace since 1982.

The Bureau of Economic Analysis says inflation was up 5.8% between December 2020 to December 2021. Energy prices climbed nearly 30%, and food prices rose nearly 8%.

American incomes also rose with inflation, but at a slower pace.
Personal incomes increased .3 percent,  or $70 billion dollars last month.

Could a four day work week a thing of the past?

(ABC News) — The classic Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 work week could be up for debate.

A California Congressman is pushing for a four-day work week — reducing the quote “normal” 40-hour week, to a 32-hour week after the pandemic has changed the way we work.

Now some members of Congress want to go one step further after a record number of Americans quit their job last year and that same trend is expected to continue. ABC’s Andrea Fujii has the details.


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